Keith Emerson, 1944-2016

Keith Emerson is the latest victim of the Grim Reaper.

It’s as if old Grim has put a contract out on aging rock stars. I realize that I’m getting up there in years, so it’s only natural that people that I grew up listening to begin to die. And ’70’s rock stars aren’t notorious for their healthy lifestyles…

Really, with options like these, why Keith???
Really, with options like these, why Keith???


But it just seemed that 2016 had started out as a banner year. I was hoping that it would settle down a bit, but nooooooo….. Still rockin’ out the death sentence, heh Mr. Reaper??? (No pun intended.)

Every member of The Stones needs to be on high alert. Except Keith Richards. I think he might very well be dead already. I can not tell. It’s like ‘Weekend at Bernies’ when you attend a Stones concert.

You be the judge....
You be the judge….

I’m beginning to think I might need to add an obituary category to The Ventilator. I really would rather write about other things. Like tweekers, gators, bad baby names. Anything but this. So cut this shit out. Please.

This being said…

Keith Emerson was an English keyboardist with Emerson, Lake, and Palmer which was one of the supergroups of the early ’70’s. ELP was a critical and commercially successful group throughout this period. He was hailed by many as a keyboard legend.

It was reported that he was found Thursday evening by his wife in the couples bedroom. He had a single gunshot wound to the head.

Keith had been depressed recently, as he was diagnosed with a nerve condition that greatly affected his right hand. This severely impaired his ability to play the keyboards. Even with this condition, he was still slated to perform in Japan next week.

Authorities are treating his death as a suicide. RIP, Keith.    k