Should I Waste My Money? Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics

Ah, Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Insert’s! We’ve all seen the commercials. All sorts of blue collar workers dancing around with happy feet because they have discovered the wonder that is a custom fit insert.

I was skeptical. Seriously, what could this little insert do to improve an eight hour day, pounding the floor on my aching feet? I’ve tried the ‘cheaper’ versions. They feel cushy enough, but as far as any noticeable relief…not so much.

And these ‘cheap’ ones cost anywhere from $10 to $20 bucks a pop. Why on Earth would I fork over $50 dollars on the remote chance that maybe, just maybe, these ‘custom fit orthotics’ might actually do something?

Now I have absolutely no problem dropping on average $125 on a good pair of athletic shoes. And I have tried damn near every brand out there. Some work better than others, but in general they all performed the same. And after a long day at work, my body hurt. Plain and simple.

I figured that I’d just have to deal with it. I mean, I’m no spring chicken. And I take horrible care of my body. It only makes sense that things are going to start deteriorating. Yes, I made my bed and in it I shall lay.

So I plugged along. And bitched and moaned every night when I got home.

Until about a week ago. I was out shopping and actually stood on one of those machines and had my foot ‘mapped’. Found out I was a CF410, whatever that means. And as I stood there in my stocking feet, I thought “WTF? You’ll spend $125 on a pair of shoes, why not just go ahead and fork over the $50 and at least give these suckers a try.”

Ah!!! The magic Dr.Scholl's foot mapping machine!!!
Ah!!! The magic Dr.Scholl’s foot mapping machine!!!


And I flipped over the packaging, and lo and behold, they’re guaranteed. Score.

So I bought them. And do you know what?

The sons of bitches worked. I kid you not. Noticed a difference on day one. How crazy is that?

I’ve had them for going on two weeks and my feet and legs don’t ache anywhere like they used to. My back feels fifty times better. And when I’m falling asleep at night, my legs aren’t near as restless. Yup, I’m shocked. Pleasantly shocked.

So in answer to the question ‘Should I Waste My Money?’, it all depends. Are you on your feet all day? Do you ache when you get home? Do you not want to ache when you get home? Then yes, I would definitely go out and pick up a pair. Will they have you hopping around and dancing? I doubt it. But your legs, feet, and back will definitely notice the difference. And with the guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose.

In my opinion, Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics get $$$$ out of a possible $$$$$. I would of gave them a five, but they didn’t make me dance….:(   k

Regressing to De-stress: ‘Adult’ Coloring Books Rock!!!

On this installment of  ‘Should I waste my money???’ I review the latest fad, ‘adult’ coloring books.

Strange enough, I have much experience in this new phenomenom. I jumped on the bandwagon last year. And frankly, I frikkin’ love to color!!!

Why do I love coloring??? Oh, let me count the ways!!!

1. It’s relaxing. This is obvious. For anyone stuck in the real world, any opportunity to not have to act responsible is welcome.

2. I can still be creative. Coloring keeps my creative juices aflowin’ which is a plus for me in any recreational activity.

My latest masterpiece proudly displayed upon the refrigerator...:)
My latest masterpiece proudly displayed upon the refrigerator…:)

3. I get to regress. Who doesn’t enjoy the chance to go back to their childhood when life was simpler??? I know I do.

4. It’s inexpensive. You get bang for your buck. And ‘artwork’. Win!

$4.43 for 24 designs!!
$4.43 for 24 designs!!
$8.94 for 72 designs...but they're smaller...
$8.94 for 72 designs…but they’re smaller…
Basic colored pencils..$3.34 for 12
Basic colored pencils..$3.34 for 12

Fairly minimal investment, heh??? Far cheaper than a therapist. Safer than a 9mm. And unlike meth, it’s legal and won’t trash your teeth.

5. You also can curl up with your kids and enjoy this pastime together. This can be worth it’s weight in gold for parents and grandparents of all ages. Anyone with kid’s knows exactly what I’m talking about.

6. Weather crappy??? No worries. You can pretty much color regardless of what Mother Nature is hurling at you.

7. No internet??? No problem.

So as you can clearly see, I’m a fan of ‘adult’ coloring books. Should you spend your hard earned dollar on them??? That’s up to you.

But I would give ‘adult’ coloring books $$$$ out of a possible $$$$$.     k




Kitty Cat Hideaway

Welcome to the first installment of “Should I Waste My Money?”. I’m Kristine Hendricks and I’ll be your host and guinea pig for the ensuing adventures. I personally purchase the items that I review, so you’re guaranteed an honest, unbiased assessment. Now that the formalities are over, lets jump right into the inaugural item, shall we???

Today I review a marvelous little product called ‘Kitty Cat Hideaway’ by Multipet. I purchased this at the local Walmart for $4.80 plus tax. What is the ‘Kitty Cat Hideaway’? Well the ‘Kitty Cat Hideaway’ is a package of three brown paper sacks. But these are not your run of the mill paper sacks. These sacks have printing on them !!! I know, right??? I was stoked, too!!! It says things like ‘I love catnip’, ‘Curious’, ‘Meow’ and my personal favorite, ‘purr-fect’. Get it?? Purr-fect/perfect??? That’s OK, it took me a minute, too.

I know what you’re thinking!! You’re thinking “Why, Kris!! That’s a gosh darn good deal!!” And you’d be right!!! But there’s more!!! Each bag comes with it’s own dash of catnip!!!!! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!!!

The amazing 'Kitty Cat Hideaway'. Notice the decorative printing!!!
The amazing ‘Kitty Cat Hideaway’. Notice the decorative printing!!!

Now you would think this should bring any feline hours of fun. And I’d love to say you’re right. I mean, I just spent $4.80 plus tax on three paper sacks.

But nooooooo……

My cat Precious, rollicking and having a great time with the amazing 'Kitty Cat Hideaway"
My cat Precious, rollicking and having a great time with the amazing ‘Kitty Cat Hideaway”

So in conclusion, maybe my cat’s too pretentious to play with a paper bag. She could be a recovering catnip addict. We can only guess.

I give the ‘Kitty Cat Hideaway’ zero $ out of $$$$$.   k