Go, Go Get ’em Grady Judd!!!

Grady Judd is at it again. And I think it’s awesome.

You see, we had yet another homicide. That in itself is nothing special here in Lakeland. Seems a lot of  Polk County’s ‘fine upstanding citizens’ enjoy killing each other. There are a ton of ignorant people around here, unfortunately. Which sucks, because they ruin it for many of the decent people who live here.

In the middle of January a badly burned body was found on some trail, and an investigation was naturally started. It is alleged that four young gentlemen decided to distribute some redneck justice.  According to the information I have seen, one of these young men had a girlfriend. How, I don’t know. But that’s neither here nor there.

Grady Judd holding up a photo of the accused.
Grady Judd holding up a photo of the accused.

Well someone ‘close to’ the girlfriend tells him that the girlfriend was raped by the victim. So he gets his brothers and a buddy together. They lure the victim to their trailer ( Yes, trailer) under the ruse of a drug buy, then sodomize and beat him to death. You can get all the details here at www.theledger.com.

This in itself shows how intelligent this group is. But it gets better. These rocket scientists took pictures of the victims body on their phone. Yes, you read that correctly. Rumor has it they even posted them on social media.

Ummm...make that 200,001 reasons.
Ummm…make that 200,001 reasons.

And these geniuses seem to believe that because they have these photos locked in their phone, the police will be unable to get access to them. Grady hopes the suspects will cooperate.

But if they don’t, he will be sending court orders to Apple for access to the photo’s.

“No one in the U.S. can create a business model that usurps the criminal justice system. The CEO of Apple needs to know he is not above the law.” stated Sheriff Judd.

Because no one stands between Grady Judd and justice. Yet another reason for my growing admiration. I know it helps me sleep a little better a night.   k


I Frikkin’ Love Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd!!!

Who is Grady Judd and why do I love him???

Oh, let me count the ways!!!

First of all, Grady is a badass on crime. And right now I don’t know too many American’s out there who believe that being liberal on crime is working. I despise crime. Therefore, Grady speaks my language.

These signs are all over town. They're not a threat either. They enforce it...:)
These signs are all over town. They’re not a threat either. They enforce it…:)

Let me tell you my favorite, and probably best known Grady Judd story.

Now some of this is might be heresay, but I’m quite certain there’s a decent amount of factual data behind these reports. This happened in September of 2006, right here in Lakeland, FL.

It starts out with this suspect who ‘allegedly’ shot two deputies and a sheriffs dog.

After a routine traffic stop, the suspect suddenly fled into the woods. They were attempting to apprehend this jackass when he opened up on them, resulting in the death of one of the deputies, execution style. The other deputy was also wounded, and the sheriffs canine was also killed.

Thus, started a massive manhunt. For the remainder of the day and overnight the search continued. The next morning he was spotted by a 10 member SWAT team, holding the fallen officers .45 in his hand. They immediately opened fire. Lots and lots of fire.  110 bullets to be exact, 68 of them striking the subject.

So why does this make me so enamored by one Sheriff Judd???

It was how he addressed the press afterward.

When asked why his department shot the suspect 68 times, Grady responded, and I quote…

“Because we ran out of bullets.”

I soooo want one!!!
I soooo want one!!!

And that’s how it’s done in Polk County. Boo-yah!!!        k