The February 11th Democratic Debate

Ahhhh!!! Another debate!! This time it’s the democrats. I hear there’s more than two candidates, but that could just be a rumor. I’m not sure.

So far, the general consensus is that Hillary won this debate. I’m kinda fuzzy on how you ‘keep score’ in a debate in order to determine a ‘winner’, but obviously there is some formula out there.

I have to agree with this, though. I think Hillary looked stronger. She was calm. She was in command. And she went in armed with facts. And she was rocking yellow. How fun is that??

What a happy color!! Just a ray of sunshine!!!
What a happy color!! Just a ray of sunshine!!!

As to be expected, Clinton stood out as the master on foreign policy, while Sanders appeared out of his league. This came as a surprise to no one.

Overall, both candidates share many common platforms. The main difference is on how each plans to implement their policies. And this is where and why I think Hillary will ultimately win the nomination.

Bernie just keeps skirting around how he plans on making all these sweeping progressive changes. His main comeback when approached with this is “It has to work. Anything less would be unworthy of America.”

" It has to work. Why?? Well, it just does, that's why!"
” It has to work. Why?? Well, it just does, that’s why!”


That’s like being asked “How ya gonna find a cure to that nasty old cancer, Bern???” And Sanders replies “Well, we have to find one. Anything thing less would be unworthy of America.”

No duh.

Doesn’t say how he’s going to do it. Doesn’t say when. Doesn’t say who’s going to foot the bill. How’s that going to work, Bernie?? And no, “It has to. Anything less would be unworthy of America.” is not an acceptable answer.

And if it was this simple don’t cha think someone would of tried it in some previous terms in office?? Just throwing that out there.

Clinton blew a golden opportunity on this one. She should of went right for the jugular and asked the question millions of Americans are dying to ask. And that is “How are we going to implement all these changes you propose, let alone pay for them??”

I may not be that fond of Hillary. I personally don’t believe that should have any bearing on whom I vote for. All I’m concerned about is who is going to realistically make the best presidential nominee. And at least she’s not promising unicorns and rainbows.

And for this, I’m grateful. Because I learned a long time ago, sad as it may be, Santa Clause doesn’t exist.    k

“You Watched The Republican Debate?? Why??”

I watched the Republican Debate last night.

That in itself was surprising. I haven’t really watched TV for weeks, and haven’t missed it one bit either I might add.

But what really did shock me was twofold.

First, I actually enjoyed watching this debate. This must mean I’m getting older. I never would of watched anything political twenty years ago, let alone enjoy it. But this, as eye-opening as it may seem, was not the thing that really knocked me for a loop. What really got me was the fact that I was actually agreeing with a majority of the candidates agendas.

WTF??? I have always considered myself a democrat. In fact I’m registered as a democrat. I never voted straight party, but I also never for a moment thought I’d be agreeing and leaning toward many of the republican views on the issues. This kinda shook me up. That, and the fact that ‘The Donald’ didn’t make an ass out of himself. I won’t lie, I was secretly looking forward to this. And that sorta bummed me out.

I like Bernie. I think he’s genuine, his heart is in the right place, and he has some fantastic ideas. I also know there’s no way he will get the nomination. Even if by some miracle he did, and by some even bigger one he was elected (not gonna happen), he will never be allowed to implement any of his policies. That leaves us with Hillary, hence my unexpected interest in the republican party. And the need to explore all my options.

And the fact is that the republican party actually seems concerned about some interests that are near and dear to this baby boomer. Like the economy. Like immigration. Like taxes, welfare reform, jobs….

Not just health care and student debt. Don’t get me wrong, these issues are important. But there’s so much more going on. And I believe it is our responsibility to do our homework and investigate all the candidates instead of just jumping on the bandwagon of the first person who hits on something we care about. And I intend on doing this. I hope that you do, too.    k